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The MRA4 is a manual high precision and reliable protection and control relay. Related Manuals for Woodward XR1. Applications and features Relay XU1-DC of the PROFESSIONAL LINE is a digital re-lay for voltage supervision of DC sys-tems. The relay can be connected to the open e-n winding of the voltage transformer. The relay BU1DC of the BASIC LINE is equipped with an over- (U>) and undervoltage supervision (U Rated voltage and frequency can be set by means of DIP switches; pick-up values and tripping delays via potentiometers. The XR1 is compliant with IEC 60255-1.

General The WIP1 is a self-powered time overcurrent relay with multi-characteristics and including earth fault protec-tion. The Protection relay XR1 woodward xr1 relay manual of the Woodward PROFESSIONAL LINE is used for detection of rotor earth faults in synchronous machines. XR1 –Rotor Earth Fault Relay Manual XR1 (Revision C) Woodward Manual XR1 (EN) 2 DOK-TD-XR1 Rev. XR1 –Rotor Earth Fault Relay Manual XR1 (Revision C) Woodward Manual XR1 (EN) 2 DOK-TD-XR1 Rev.

-sets in parallel and active power supervision of power systems. Find the right protection relay device for your power application by downloading the HighPROTEC-2 xr1 selection guide ». Woodward Manual XU1-DC GB 4 TD_XU1-DC_06. 4 Output relays The XRN2 has 5 output relays. 1: Anschlussbild Messpfade Das Schutzgerät ermittelt mit einer Messspannung über die Klemmen U1 und U2 den Widerstand des Prüflings. Benefits of the Professional Line.

Definite time and inverse time tripping characteristics can be selected. This relay type is available in three versions. 14: Dimensions WIP1 in mm Connection terminals The connection of up to a maximum of 2 x 2. Manual WIP1 Woodward Relay Case Relay WIP1 is designed to be fastened onto a DIN-rail acc. C Woodward Governor Company reserves the right to update any portion of this publication at any time.

Digital filters ensure a suppression of harmonics. C1/C1H, the previously set relay functions are blocked (refer to 4. Fast DIN rail mounting ⇛ easy and fast mounting. Introduction Woodward protection relays of the WI-LINE are offering time over current protective functions and optional earth fault protective functions in the well-proven technique for CT powered protection relays. The XU1E is compliant woodward with IEC 60255-1. The relay XU1E of the easy PROFESSIONAL LINE is a digital relay for earth fault detection in isolated and resistively earthed medium voltage systems. 6-EN-MAN) for a complete overview.

↳ Documentation (Application Note & Manual) ↳ Operating Software Smart view: Documentation & Setup ↳ Web Shop Protection Control Planet. Woodward Technical Manual WIC1 8 DOK-TD-WIC1E, Rev. Relays; XR1; Woodward XR1 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Woodward XR1. Earth fault relay for isolated and compensated mains (42 pages).

Relay testing and commissioning The test instructions following below help to verify the protection relay performance before or dur- ing commissioning of the protection system. The XP2R is compliant with IEC 60255-1. 1: Dimensional drawing Connection terminals. For communication between relays and master system the interface adapter XRS1 is available for data transmission, together with the operating software Smart view. The MCA4 is a woodward xr1 relay manual precise and reliable protection, control and monitoring relay for feeder, grid and generator applications. The Professional Line with its digital separate or combined relays provide all common protection functions for low and medium voltage applications, and are designed for DIN rail mounting. As combination of a com-.

However, no responsibility is as-sumed by Woodward Governor Company unless otherwise expressly undertaken. To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. 29 ∙ 70565 Stuttgart (Germany) Telephone:‑510. A By calculating the reactive current component (sin φ adjustment) and then comparing the phase angle in relation to the residual voltage UE, the E-R-relay type determines whether the line to be protected is earth-faulted. The relay XP2R of the easy PROFESSIONAL LINE is a digital relay for reverse power detection of gen. This laterally at the relay arranged. Relays Woodward XR1 User Manual.

Information provided by Woodward Governor Company is believed to be correct and reliable. Page 1 XR1 – Rotor Earth Fault Relay Manual XR1 (Revision A) Page 2 Woodward Manual XR1 GB Woodward Governor Company reserves the right to update any portion of this publication at any time.

Woodward xr1 relay manual

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